Country life in Cornwall

Thinking back to my earliest memory of living here in St Ives, I remember being a child at school, about 6 yrs old and playing in the school meadow, sunny days spent making daisy chains with my friends,
Weekends at the beach, the constant screeching of the seagulls as they followed the fishing boats bringing in their catch.
Things were so simple and although I perhaps didn't realise it, those simple pleasures were to follow me into adulthood.
These days, some 30 years later after globe trotting in my 20's, child bearing in my early 30's I realised I was yearning for those simple pleasures again, When calling home to talk to my Mum or Nana in their fudge shop, I would hear that familiar screeching of the gulls, I knew it wouldn't be long before I left city life for the safety and tranquility of this small fishing town once more.
I yearned to have my children experience the beauty and simplicity that I had once known as a child.
So here I am aged 37 with 2 children, 3 pug dogs and 2 dear old sleepy cats, I couldn't be happier.
I once again long for the summer heat,the country coastal walks foraging for berries, fruit picking at the local pick your own farm;
The Winter although drab,is still beautiful none the less, with weekends spent exploring junk shops,used furniture resales and from Easter car booties on a Sunday... What heaven!
Loving all things Shabby Chic is my greatest pleasure after my children and pets, It gives me the chance to turn my basic new build house into a pretty little home, where my kids and pets feel safe and warm, tucking my girls into bed with their "Bunnykins" mugs of milk and a chocolate biscuit, which I might add is a nightly occurrence and they wouldn't have it any other way, neither would I.
I have decided after reading another shabby chicer's blog, that I would like to share my life somewhat with anyone who also has an interest in country living.
Many things inspire me and uplift my mood and if I can bring some joy and inspiration to anothers life for just 5 short minutes then I feel my good deed for the day has been done.
Country life for me, is the best way to raise my children and continue to bring myself priceless happiness.
"The best things in life may not be free, but if I can find them half price then I am half way there"... Thriftkitten xxxxx