A Beach Hut in my garden...

Hello one and all shabby chic ers, I am sorry to those who are following that I haven't reported much recently, I have been busying myself in my mini garden and trying hard weather permitting to transform my dull huge shed into a darling beach hut.
It's coming along nicely, the from is almost done and today I picked up a sweet little life bouy, "Is that what its called?" Anyway once the door is painted up it will sit in it's place nicely.
Also my other steal of the day were 2 beautiful red polka dot battery operated lanterns, they are marvelous and I have decided that the inside of the shed will be mainly off white with red and white acessories, one of the dears where I work at the residential home has kindly offered to help me knit some red and white flag bunting to go all the way round the inside, the two lanterns will hang from the main rafter in the shed to provide some soft lighting on those warm summer nights when I can relax in there Ooooh I can't wait to get started bogging it out Hahaha!!!
I did get a load of boxes of the kids outgrown clothes and toys etc and my youngest and I did a carbootie yesterday and made £165.00, I was sooooo excited counting my hard earned pennies at the end and also happy that I was a little closer to my blank canvas inside the shed.
I hope you all like the pics of my days finds.... see you all soon with some more updated pics xxxx